Your website should be accessible through it’s domain name using all four of the usual addresses listed below.


Email Settings

host: mail.[]
Username: [email address]
password: [user password]
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication: normal password

Port: 993 (imap = synchronise via server across multiple devices)

Port: 995 (pop3 = download emails from server)
Port: 465 (smtp = send emails)

This page contains detailed instructions on how to configure thunderbird for imap

This page contains detailed instructions on how to configure thunderbird for pop3

Secure Webmail

Use this for a secure connection to the mail server. Can also be used to change the advanced settings related to the email account (eg spam settings, auto replies etc).

url: https://[]:20000
Username: [email address]
password: [user password]

Basic Webmail

Use this for an easy to use drag and drop experience on a desktop PC.

url: []/webmail
Username: [email address]
password: [user password]

Control Panel Settings

Use this to access the advanced features of your website hosting account (eg view statistics, add and configure multiple email accounts etc)

url: https://[]:10000
username: []
password: [admin password]

MySQL Settings

host: []
database: [domain_name with underscore replacing the dots in the domain name]
username: [first 16 characters of the]
password: [admin password]

Secure File Transfer (SFTP)

Use this to upload files to your hosting space. Place the website files in the public_html folder. If your computer does not support “Secure FTP” you will need to download and install the software.


host: []
user: []
password: [admin password]
Protocol: SFTP
Port: 22