Price Increases

Nominet recently increased their wholesale prices for domain names by 50% (see here) so we must inrease our fees. Our support and administration costs have also increased so we need to pass these costs onto our customers. Despite these increases we still consider our hosting and domain name deals to be one of the most competitive in the UK.

Service Improvements

The anti-spam trial has been successful and is now permanent. Spam has been reduced for all of our customers. We will gradually extend and improve this service in the future.

We have improved the login security for many of our services. If you cannot login to one or more of your accounts you may need to call us to reset your account.

Both of these improvements increase the security and reduce the risk for all of our customers. Keen Computers considers security an important issue.

Server upgrades and bash exploits

We have spent some time over the last few days upgrading some of our servers to improve performance and security. There have been some significant changes and improvements so if you are experiencing problems or difficulties then please get in touch so we can help you.

There was a small amount of downtime as services were migrated on Friday. This was done out of working hours to keep disruption to a minimum.

The new upgrade means means that all of our linux servers have been patched to deal with the recent bash attacks. We are monitoring the situation carefully and will install additional patches as needed.

Keen Computers considers both availability and security to be important to our customers.

New UPS systems

During the Summer we installed new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Our electricity supplier put this to the test recently whilst updating their supply fabric. We had close to an hour with no electricity to our site and were able to maintain services with no downtime.

We will continue to improve and upgrade our infrastructure to meet customer needs.

New Fibre

We had a new fibre connection installed on Monday. Customers should notice a big difference in speed and performance. We love it!

New Website

Welcome to our new website. Lots of exciting new things are happening here at Keen Computers. We hope to share them with you in the near future. In the meantime please enjoy the beautiful photos of Colchester and the surrounding area.

The Big Move

This is a temporary website whilst we update our servers and our hosting platform. All of our servers have been moved over the last few weeks to our own data centre here in Colchester.

We have had a major issue today with our dot com registrar. Name server changes have been difficult and or impossible to action and it means some of the sites we host have been offline today.  All sites currently offline should be online by 9am (BST), Friday 3rd August.

If you are still having problems please phone 01206 509602