Keen Computers has been designing and hosting websites since the nineties. We have grown up with the internet and offer a great combination of value and performance.

We build our own custom servers and house them in our own data centre(s). All of our servers are currently in our own data centre(s). We have physical access to all of our equipment. This improves reliability and stability, helps the environment and improves our profitability.

We don’t rent or lease our servers from another company. We don’t rent or lease our data centre(s) from another company. Our data centre is not open to anyone except our own staff.  We don’t have to ask another company for permission to gain access to our own servers!

Our high level of support and technical experience means we can help you out of a difficulty to get your site working again and we can work with the demands of experienced web designers too.

Our low prices mean that our services are affordable.


Anthony Knee is a UK Sole Trader trading as “Keen Computers”
The VAT Registration number is 948 2570 92